4V Design Lazo wrist strap review

The 4V Design Lazo in day to day use

The 4V Design Lazo is very comfortable strap to use. The cotton band feels soft and flexible and is nice to wear around your wrist. Much better than cheaper straps made of synthetic materials. I’ve also got an older strap that is made from braided climbing rope, and that feels uncomfortable after some while. The cotton band on the Lazo feels a lot better and doesn’t scrape your skin. The opening to put your hand through is big enough for even my big hands, making it easy to put it around your wrist. Since 4V Design has added a buckle you can adjust the strap to make it fit snugly around your wrist for extra security. Once set the strap doesn’t change length anymore without you deliberately moving the buckle.

4V Design Lazo review

One thing I like about the 4V Design Lazo is that it folds up very small if you need it to. As much as I like my 4V Design Ergo Large wrist strap it can be a little unpractical for use on real small cameras. The leather strap can’t be folded when you store it so it always takes up some extra space in your camera bag. No problem when you store your camera in a normal bag as there is always some room to spare where you can put it. But for my tiny Nikon Coolpix A I use a really small Peli case when I take it places where it could get wet or damaged. The Coolpix just barely fits in the box so there isn’t any room for a big strap. Fitting the 4V Design Lazo isn’t a problem at all. The cotton band is very flexible and can easily be folded to fit it in even the smallest places. Something I really like.

4V Design Lazo review
The 4V Design Lazo is flexible and fits in the smallest cases or bags

Besides small the strap is also very lightweight which is nice for use on a small camera. That doesn’t mean you can’t use it for a bigger camera. If I’m out just for taking photo’s I like to keep my camera in my hands all the time. In those situations I love using a wrist strap for extra security, making sure I can’t drop my camera. I’ve been using the 4V Design Lazo with both my Nikon D800 and Df and it works perfect with heavier cameras. The strap is more than strong enough to prevent a big and heavy camera from falling to the floor.


When you are looking for an affordable but high quality wrist strap that provides extra security without giving up good looks the 4V Design Lazo is the strap for you. At 39 euro’s it is very affordable and about the same price as simpler straps made of synthetic materials, but this is made out of cotton and real leather. Luckily 4V Design hasn’t traded functionality for looks in the 4V Design Lazo wrist strap. It is lightweight, easy to store and use and comfortable to wear around your wrist. The cotton feels a lot nicer on your skin than the synthetic materials of other straps. The Lazo is perfect for both smaller and bigger and larger cameras as it is both small and lightweight, but strong enough to provide extra security for a large camera.

4V Design Lazo review

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