4V Design Versis SL sling strap + QR plate review

In day to day use

The big test for the 4V Design Versis was when I used it while photographing a full day wedding. I had my Nikon Df with different lenses on it the whole day and during the wedding ceremony I even had a heavy speedlight on the camera. This is a true stress test for a strap, and it performed beyond what I could have hoped for. The 4V Design Versis is really the most comfortable strap I’ve ever used. The shoulder pad is capable of evenly dividing the weight of the camera over your shoulder making sure it doesn’t create pressure points in any way.

4V Design Versis review

I love how my camera would hang at my waste without dangling in to people or worse: walls or doorposts even while I was running around to be at the right place the right time. The slider is smooth and makes it easy to grab the camera and move it up to your eye in the blink of an eye

As it was a warm day I was very happy with the material on the inside of the shoulder pad. It doesn’t feel warm / sweaty like neoprene straps do. I am also happy with the grippy coating, after putting the strap on your shoulder you never have to adjust it because it doesn’t slide off your shoulder.

4V Design Versis review
Pretty looking, but also very grippy. I love this coating printed on as 4V Design logo’s

I have quite a few good looking and expensive straps in my collection and after using the 4V Design Versis for several week all of them have permanently moved to my closet and will stay there for now. There isn’t a single strap in my collection I’d rather use than the 4V Design Versis. And that says a lot!

4V Design Versis review

I’ve used the 4V Design Versis SL with both the supplied hook and the optional 4V Design QR plate. Both options work very well. If you don’t need to use a tripod I prefer the supplied hook as it is very light and works very well. But if you want the option to switch between using your camera on a tripod and hanging it from your strap the QR plate is a true gift. Because of the smart design you can just fold the hook flat if you don’t need it and because the QR plate is acra swiss compatible you can just pop it on any compatible tripod without the need of removing it or adding other accessories. The QR plate itself is so small and light it doesn’t bother me at all.

4V Design Versis review


Once again I’m impressed by 4V Design. They’ve managed to create a strap that is designed with professional and intensive use in mind but still is very good looking and stylish. The carbon leather on the 4V Design Versis SL is very pretty and feels very durable like all the leathers used by 4V Design. It is great that the 4V Design Versis is extremely versatile. You can choose to buy the strap to carry one, two or even tree cameras at once. And if you have a 4V Design Versis for one camera you can still buy all the parts you need to turn it in to a Versis Duo, Versis Twin or Trio. Add that to the comfort, the great looks and I can only conclude that this is by far the best camera strap I’ve ever used.

4V Design Versis review

And if you are thinking about buying a Versis and have a arca swiss head on your tripod I would strongly advise you to consider adding a 4V Design QR plate to the kit. The hook that comes with the Versis SL is very good, but the QR plate makes it possible to attach your camera to a tripod without taking the QR plate off your camera. And if you don’t use it to mount your camera on a tripod or to hang it from a strap you just fold down the hook and you’ll forget it is there.

Interested in buy this magnificent strap or the QR plate? Go to your local camerashop (click here to find the closest 4V Design dealer) or check the official 4V Design website here!

If you buy the strap at the official 4V Design website you can use the promotional code: 4V-RICKSREVIEWS-10 and for a limited time you’ll get a 10% discount.

4V Design Versis review

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