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CamFi has announced the promising new CamFi Pro. The original CamFi was a great piece of equipment for people looking to add wireless functionality to a camera that doesn’t have WiFi built in. Or when the built in WiFi didn’t offer enough control over your camera. You can read my review about the original CamFi and all the functionality it offers here.

CamFi Pro
CamFi Pro with Sony A7II

CamFi started an Indiegogo project to fund the new version of their CamFi controller: the CamFi Pro. It offers everything the original CamFi had to offer (including live view, long exposure, remote control, time lapse, focus stacking, matrix support and more) but adds a lot of speed! The new CamFi Pro promises real life transfer speeds of up to 10 MB/s by using 5 Ghz WiFi 802.11 ac (the original was capable of speeds up to 2 MB/s). With those speeds the new CamFi Pro will work perfectly with high megapixel monsters like the Canon 5DR, Nikon D800/ Nikon D810 and the new Nikon D850. And with added Sony support it will also be perfect to pair with the Sony A7rII or Sony A7rIII.

CamFi Pro

The Indiegogo project is online, and you can find it by clicking here. If you back the project you will receive the CamFi Pro for 199 dollars instead of the expected 299 retail price. And the professional package will be 239 instead of the expected 349 retail price. Backers are expected to receive their CamFi Pro in februari 2018. You can read more about the CamFi Pro on the CamFi wesbite.

And of course you’ll find a comprehensive review of the new CamFi Pro here around the same time.

CamFi Pro

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