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Nikon 1 V3

Nikon 1 V3 mirrorless camera review

I had the opportunity to review the Nikon 1 V3 camera. The Nikon 1 V3 is the latest and greatest Nikon has to offer in the mirrorless camera market. I was looking forward to review this camera for several reasons. Before I bought my Sony Alpha A6000 I used Nikon DSLR cameras since 2005, and I’ve been very fond of the cameras, the ergonomics and the build quality. So I’m very eager to find out if Nikon managed to keep the good from the DSLR’s and put it in a smaller, lighter body. The second reason I was looking forward to using this camera was that I went back and forth between the Nikon 1 V3 and the Sony Alpha A6000 when I wanted to trade my DSLR in for a smaller and lighter camera. I chose the Sony because it was a lot cheaper at that time, but the prices of the Nikon went down since last summer (mind you, the A6000 also got cheaper so the difference is about the same). So I’m wondering if I made the right choice back then: let’s find out!

Nikon 1 V3 mirrorless camera
Nikon 1 V3 with grip and EVF

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Sony Alpha A6000

Sony Alpha A6000 mirrorless camera review

Sony has stirred up the market for the mirrorless cameras by releasing the Sony Alpha A6000. This camera is priced to compete with the mid-range consumer DSLR’s, but has got features that wouldn’t look bad on a high-end consumer DSLR. In this extensive review I’ll tell you more about the Sony Alpha A6000, the features and the great image quality. Click ‘read more’ to read the full review.

Sony Alpha A6000

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