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About me

My name is Rick. I’m an amateur photographer, tech and gadget lover and I have started this blog to share my passion with others.

I write about cameras, lenses and accessories. I only write about products I’ve used for some time and when I feel I know enough about the products. My blogs are about my experiences in day to day use. Therefore you will not find any laboratory tests or pictures of sharpness-charts on my site (there are enough sites on the internet that do those tests, and do them very well).

Photography has been my hobby for about 20 years. In the first years I used a simple Minolta bridgecamera with 3.2 MP and 10x zoom. Had a lot of fun with this versatile camera. After some time I was looking to upgrade, and bought my first DSLR. In 2005 I bought a Nikon D50, one of the first affordable DSLR camera.

My main gear

Over the years I’ve been buying and selling a lot of camera’s and lenses as I love to try new things and love the process of reading reviews and then trying stuff for myself. I’ve owned a lot of Nikon, Sony, Canon and other cameras. At the moment my main camera is a Sony A7R3. I still hope to own a Leica one day, just because they look and feel so damn good!

Bag wise I use a Tenba (Cooper) shoulderbag and a Shimoda Explore 30 when I need all my gear with me. And there are many good tripod brands out there, but I like Benro or Sunwayfoto the best.

About my blog

Ricks Reviews is a hobby, I don’t make any money writing these reviews. If you want to help me keep this site online please use one of the affiliate links to buy the products. It won’t cost you any extra, but I’ll get a small commission for every sale. Or you can use the donate button on the left to buy me a cup of coffee.

Contact me

If you have a product you want me to review or if you have any questions about my reviews, you can use the following form to send me a message or send me a email at rick (at)