Nikon D800 review: a 2017 perspective

New cameras are introduced one after the other and with every new model there are new features or improvements. But in the first few years of digital photography the steps between models were enormous. The last 8 to 6 years it seems the base is there and camera makers keep finetuning the technology, but there are fewer big steps. That means you may get a good deal if you choose to buy an older or second hand camera. Last year I wrote my 2016 perspective about the magnificent Nikon D700 (read that review here). But since the Nikon D810 was introduced the second hand prices of the Nikon D800 and Nikon D800e have dropped. Reason for me to write this 2017 perspective on the Nikon D800. In this review I’ll tell you about my experience with the camera and I hope I can help others who are thinking about buying this camera.

Nikon D800 review
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Introduction of the Nikon D800

When Nikon introduced the Nikon D800 buyers were a little disappointed. They were hoping Nikon would give them a new kind of Nikon D700. The Nikon D700 was in essence a Nikon D3 for two thirds of the price in a small(er) body. They hoped the Nikon D800 would follow the same principle, a D4 for less money in a smaller body. But Nikon probably found out that introducing the Nikon D700 cost them a lot of D3 sales. So they weren’t going to do that again. Instead they went another direction, creating a clear difference between the D4 and the new Nikon D800 and Nikon D800e. The D4 was a low resolution, high speed and very durable pro camera. The Nikon D800 series was built for people needing high resolution and dynamic range, but didn’t need the pure speed of the Nikon D4.

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