Nissin i60A review


The Nissin i60A has got a bigger flash head than the Nissin i40, it is a little wider but quite a lot longer. That was necessary because the Nissin i60A has got a longer zoom-range, from 24 to 200mm (the i40’s zoom range goes from 24 to 105mm). The head’s mechanism is the same as with the Nissin i40, making it possible to adjust the head in all directions. The head can be adjusted up to 180 degrees to the left in 6 steps, 180 degrees to the right also in 6 steps. You can also adjust the head 90 degrees upwards in 4 steps. Of course you can combine adjustments in horizontal and vertical direction, making it possible to adjust it just right for just about every situation. With the flexible head, combined with the built in bouncecard you can bounce the light via the ceiling or walls, giving you a smooth and great looking lighting.

Nissin i60A review
The Nissin i60A has got a flexible head

The heads mechanism is sturdier than it is on the Nissin i40, keeping it in place better when you put heavy accessories on it like a softbox. In general the Nissin i60A builds is a lot sturdier than the Nissin i40, making it better suited for (semi-) professional use.


The body of the Nissin i60A is about as big as the body of the Nissin i40, and it has got room for 4 standard AA-batteries. Because the Nissin i60A works with normal AA batteries it is easy to buy some spares when you run out. The Nissin i60A works fine with normal alkaline AA batteries, but for the best performance can use powerful rechargeable batteries.  New on the Nissin i60A is that it has a connection for external battery packs, something (semi-) professional users will love. You can use the Nissin i60A with Nissin’s own PS80 battery pack. The Sony version of the Nissin i60A is also compatible with Sony battery packs. When you use an external battery pack the charging times between flashes are shorter, and of course you have more power for longer shoots.

Nissin i60A review
The Nissin i60A uses 4 AA batteries

On the front of the Nissin i60A you’ll find the video light that has two powerful LED’s to add light when you shoot a video. You can adjust the intensity of the light in 9 steps. The video light is perfect for incidental video-use. For professional shoots you still have to buy an extra video light. Below the videolight is a small sensor the Nissin i60A uses for the wireless optical slave mode and a status LED. The LED can also be used for auto focus support, but unfortunately Sony doesn’t support external auto focus lights in their E-mount cameras.

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