CamFi review (update: added CamFi Matrix functionality)

A lot of modern cameras offer Wifi or Bluetooth to connect to a smartphone or tablet. Using either one of those you can transfer pictures to you smartphone or tablet or in some cases even activate your camera remotely. But what if your camera doesn’t offer any form of wireless connectivity or the functionality of the connection is too limited (for instance, with my Sony A7 I could activate my camera using my smartphone but I could only take photos in JPEG quality). For those people CamFi ( Affiliate link) was invented. In this review I’ll tell you more about it and about using it in the field. I’ve used the CamFi with my Nikon D800, Samsung Galaxy S7 smartphone and a Windows 10 laptop. Of course CamFi is also compatible with iPhones / iPads or Mac computers.

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CamFi review
The CamFi is small and lightweight

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