Guide to Sony A7 series (Sony A7, Sony A7 II, Sony A7S, Sony A7S II, Sony A7R, Sony A7R II)

In the last couple of years Sony has released an enormous number of camera’s in their A7-series. The first one was introduced back in 2013 an since then they have released the Sony A7, Sony A7 II (or mark II), Sony A7S, Sony A7S II, Sony A7R and Sony A7R II. All using the Sony E mount and the full frame specific Sony FE lenses. If you consider they did that about three years it is understandable that consumers lost track. In this article I’ll tell you about the differences en which camera is best for you.

Sony FE 50mm f1.8 (SEL50F18F) review
Sony A7 with the cheapest FE lens, the 50mm f1.8

In general you can say the normal A7 and A7 II are the all-round cameras, suited for general use. The Sony A7S and Sony A7S II are designed for videography and low light situations. The Sony A7R and Sony A7R II are built for high resolution applications, where the newer Sony A7R II is upgraded on many levels making it an ideal high end all-round camera.

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