Hähnel Modus 600 RT review

Sometimes you come across product that seems to have a price / quality balance that is much better than other comparable products. In the nineties for instance Hyundai made cars that were cheaper, bigger and more luxurious than their competitors. But as soon as you got in them and started driving you’d quickly find out that everything is worth its price. They just didn’t drive as good as their European and Japanese competitors. Every once in a while you will find a product that seems to outclass it’s price, and can actually keep its promise. Like for instance the Nikon D700. When that was introduced Nikon gave us 95% of D3 performance for about half the price. Hähnel have now introduced a new speedlight system that, at first look, seems to offer the same unbelievable performance for a low price as the Nikon D700 did back in the day. In this review I’m going to see if it is as good as it seems to be.

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Hähnel Modus 600 RT review
The Hähnel Modus Pro Kit, two speedlights, batteries, charger and Viper TTL, all for the price of one high-end Nikon or Canon Speedlight.

In this review I’ll talk about the Hähnel  Modus Pro kit. That is a complete starter kit with two Hähnel Modus 600 RT flashes, two Hähnel extreme batteries, a charger and the Viper TTL transmitter. You can also buy a smaller kit with just one speedlight and the Viper TTL. Of course the Modus 600 RT speedlights and the Viper TTL are available as single products so you could start with a small kit and add extra speedlights later on. The Modus 600 RT is available for Nikon and Canon and a Sony-version will follow soon. In this review I’ve used the Nikon version with my Nikon D800.

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