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Kioxia Exceria High Endurance Micro-SDXC card review

Dashcams have been around for quite some time and are great tools. In some country’s you can’t even get car insurance without a dashcam. And even when you don’t need a dashcam for your insurance it is a great tool to record your roadtrips or share your adventures with others. I’ve had a dashcam in my car for many years and still love the footage it records. But recording with a dashcam is useless when your recording media isn’t reliable.

Kioxia High Endurance MicroSD
Kioxia High Endurance MicroSDXC in my BlackVue DR-590

Because of its nature a dashcam will keep on recording the whole time your car is running. And in some instances even when the car is turned off. So there is data written to your card the whole time. And the temperatures in a car can be very extreme, from very cold to extremely hot. That is very demanding for your recording media like the MicroSD cards most dashcams use. Normal MicroSD cards are quite durable, but most aren’t designed to constantly write and rewrite in those extreme conditions. I’ve experienced that myself with my first dashcam. I used a simple no-name Micro-SD card in my dashcam. I plugged it in to my computer after a few months to check one of my recordings and found the card wasn’t working anymore. And because I didn’t notice that it was broken I probably lost weeks of recording before finding out it didn’t work anymore.

Kioxia High Endurance MicroSD
It comes with a SD adapter for easy filetransfer

That is a problem Kioxia is trying to fix with their new Exceria High Endurance Micro-SDXC UHS-I card. This is an extra durable Micro-SDXC card designed for use in dashcams or other demanding situations.

Features of the Kioxia Exceria High Endurance Micro-SDXC UHS-I

  • Supplied with SD adapter for easy file transfer
  • Read speed up to 100 MB/s
  • Write speed up to 65 MB/s
  • Up to 20.000 hours of Full HD recording
  • Temperature-proof from -25 to +85 degrees Celsius
  • Shockproof
  • 3 years warranty

For this review I’ve used the Kioxia Exceria High Endurance Micro-SDXC UHS-I card for several weeks in my BlackVue DR-590 dashcam recording Full HD 1080p 60 frames footage.

Kioxia High Endurance MicroSD
Love it when they think about the people opening the packages: this one is easy to open!

There is no way I could test the durability of the card. 20.000 hours of recording with an average speed of 50 KM/h is about 1.000.000 KM. That is a lifetime of driving for most drivers. So in this case I’ll just have to trust Kioxia will deliver the promised durability. Luckily they do have a very good track record in that regard. They do supply the card with a 3 year limited warranty in the case you do run in to trouble.

Kioxia High Endurance MicroSD
Even though they have been around for some while I’m still amazed by the amount of storage that is packed in this small format

Speed testing the Kioxia Exceria High Endurance Micro-SDXC UHS-I

Besides being very durable the Kioxia Exceria High Endurance Micro-SDXC UHS-I card should deliver very good performance. In the perfect conditions you should be able to reach read speeds of up to 100 MB/s. Write speeds can go up to 65 MB/s, which should even be fast enough for recording 4k video streams from a dual camera dashcam setup. Very respectable speeds for a card that isn’t designed to be just fast.

In my real world testing I was already very happy to see the Exceria High Endurance Micro-SDXC UHS-I card download videos to my pc at almost 100 MB/s. I also tested it with the Crystal DiskMark benchmark tool and got confirmation that Kioxia didn’t overpromise with these cards. I’ve used my Transcend TS-RDF9K card reader on my AMD Ryzen 7 5800X windows PC for the benchmark and got these results.

Kioxia High Endurance MicroSD

Read speed in the benchmark got right up to 100 MB/s en write speed was also right on the mark. In conclusion: nothing to complain about here.


If you are looking for a very durable and fast MicroSDXC card the Kioxia Exceria High Endurance Micro-SDXC UHS-I card is a very good option. The card is more than fast enough for recording 2 1080P streams if you have a dual camera setup, and is also fast enough for new generations of dashcams that record 4K footage. And with a promised durability of up to 20.000 hours of recording this card should last for up to 1.000.000 KM of recorded footage even in the demanding environment of your car.

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