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Lanparte HHG-01 quick test



Lanparte HHG-01 review


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I’ve been having some fun with the Lanparte HHG-01 mobile video stabilizer. A full review will follow soon. I wanted to share a quick testvideo. The clips were shot using an iPhone 5c in full hd, using software stabilization in both video’s. The small PIP video is shot hand held using just the iPhone. The bigger clip was shot using the Lanparte. As you can see the effect is very impressive. The Lanparte is able to stabilize the typical bouncy image you get when walking with your camera. Besides that the Lanparte can help you with panning in both horizontal and vertical directions, making sure the video is smooth. There is some choppiness in the panning but that is caused by the 30 fps limit of the iPhone camera. In the full review I’ll add video made with the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 that can shoot HD up to 60 fps, giving you a better idea of the smooth panning.

With the improving quality of smartphone videos and the realization that video can be a great way to present products online you see more and more people using it. But the quality can be appalling, with shaky, choppy video that does more harm than good. This will be the perfect gadget for car salesmen or real estate agents who want to present their cars or houses in a professional looking video. But it could also be a nice add-on for wedding videographers, that use a smartphone as a second or third camera for candid shots, but still need professional looking smooth video to add in with the DSLR shots. And besides that any gadget lover will love a cool gadget like this.

Please check back soon for the full review of this amazing gadget.


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