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DXO Black Friday deals 2022 review

Unfortunately the DXO Black Friday deals have ended by now. But you can still use one of the links below to visit their shop. They do offer promotions from time to time and even for the full price you are getting a really good deal on their software.

The current deal at the DXO shop:

As usual DXO always has very interesting Black Friday deals. Other Black Friday deals this year are disappointing. But DXO is giving you a real, big and juicy discount on their software for Black Friday.

How about DXO PhotoLab 6 Elite for 149 euro instead of 219? You can read my full review of PhotoLab 6 here. In my review you can read I’m really impressed by this new version of PhotoLab 6 and all the new and improved AI functionality. And the best news is that the Elite version is on sale for Black Friday 2022. PhotoLab 6 Elite incorporates all the high end AI functionality for the price of the Essential version. So you’re paying less and getting more!

And an even more interesting deal is the new Nik Collection 5 for 75 euro instead of the regular 149 (review here), that is a 50% discount! The Nik Collection 5 is the best set of filters I’ve ever used. In my review I already mentioned that Silver Efex is worth the 149 DXO normally asks for the collection. And now you can get that fantastic piece of software and all the other tools in the collection for 75 euro’s. That makes it THE best deal of the year if you ask me!

And there is more, like discounts on DXO PureRAW, DXO ViewPoint 4 and DXO Filmpack. Do you want to know more about these deals? Just click the banner below or use one of my affiliate links to get the best deal of 2022.

On the DXO shop you can also read more about the software. I haven’t reviewed these yet, but DXO has a good reputation making very well built and complete software. And When you get a chance to buy it with these very interesting Black Friday deals I’d say it is worth a try.

DXO Black Friday deals

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